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Whichever you choose, relaxation is included.

At VillaVerde water is not scarce, it is a precious source of pleasure and relaxation. Our swimming pool opens from indoors to the park outside, surrounded by trees and mountains - a completely natural backdrop. The temperature is always controlled so it is comfortable to swim even when the days are chilly. Swimming in the lake is just as relaxing, lie down on the shore, read a book, sunbathe, watch the clouds and let your thoughts drift away.


Working up a sweat sounds like an effort right? Well not here. After all you're on vacation. A good healthy sweat is so beneficial and so easy at VillaVerde, just enter one of our three saunas, two indoor and one outdoor, each one at a different temperature to suit you best. Simply steam any stress away.

Day SPA: 55 €
Day SPA + Breakfast: 75 €

A natural lake

Individual SPA Treatments

Swimming pool opens from indoors to the park outside.

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