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The Villa

Every special place has a history.

Villa Lemberg then, Villa Verde now. Heidi, Judith and Paula fulfill a dream. They have turned a small old villa into a jewel. The charm of days gone by has been given a fresh coat of paint. Next to the villa there will be a new building from April 2019, modern and yet timeless. For accents in the furnishings, the three women have set out in search of the beautiful and special.

Heidi and her daughters Judith and Paula found what they were looking for at flea markets, antique shops and inconspicuous shops that keep old secrets. From the cushions to the plates to the soap, they have planned everything down to the last detail. Their common goal? Simply create something beautiful - a place to feel good, with a lot of comfort, but also a place where there is something to experience far away from everyday life. This is how VillaVerde was created in Algund near Merano. With fresh ideas, young charm and heart. Not as a hotel, but as a home. As your temporary home.

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