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"Our water path"

The Algunder Waalweg. The best view of the Villaverde

The Algunder Waalweg runs over the roofs of Algund, and thus also over the VillaVerde. We will be happy to bring you closer to the most beautiful irrigation channel in the Merano region. Finally it is also "our" Waalweg.

Along the water

(Almost) everything that the Merano countryside has to offer in terms of scenic attractions can be found on the Algunder Waalweg. This hundreds of years old watercourse holds its water, which comes from the up to 3000 meters high Texel group, at the Töll over Algund. From there the Waalweg, which accompanies the watercourse, also takes its course. Originally designed for the maintenance and control of the watercourse, the irrigation channels are today one of the most popular hiking trails in the region, and there is a good reason for this: after the irrigation channels follow the water, they lead through the natural landscape with a very slight gradient. This is especially true for the Algunder Waalweg, which leads you through a unique, constantly changing landscape. Dense mixed forests alternate with wide vineyards, narrow rock passages with densely planted apple meadows. This happens at pleasant temperatures at any time of the year thanks to the location of the Algunder Waalweg on the sunny side of the Merano basin.

There are several entry and exit points to reach or leave the Algunder Waalweg. The best way to get from the VillaVerde is by foot via the Lagundo village to the Waalweg, where you can enjoy relaxed hiking, many views and lots of fine places to stop.